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AD Ep 001: The Infinite Vision

By Robert A. Madle

Read by Joe Dickerson

Allen Barton was a very imaginative young man. In fact, so imaginative was he that his neighbors and acquaintances doubted that he was entirely sane. But Allen Barton was far from being insane; at least he convinced himself of his sanity, and he had little consideration for the views of others, especially when it came to the question of just how mentally unbalanced he was. Anyway, he considered the majority of the people a little lower than morons, so why should he worry about what they thought?

Allan was what is commonly known as a dreamer. He would often lie awake, gazing at the stars and planets above him from his position in the fields surrounding his home. The “fact” that many of the heavenly bodies were inhabited appeared obvious to him, and he often speculated upon the types of life the various planets spawned. Someday, he often told himself, man, with his inventive genius, would be capable of exploring the farthest corners of the universe. And then he would, lapse into a brooding mood, brought about by the utterly unfortunate circumstances that had caused him to be born in the twentieth century […]

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