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Poetry — Dead World

By James DeLarcy

Mars does not need your sympathy
Its life was in its youth
When by its rivers and its streams
Lived those who fashioned mighty dreams
And those who sought for truth.

Our quest for knowledge then was theirs
Our fires were in their brains
What is there we may not believe
They had the vigor to achieve
Though only sand remains.

Perhaps they wore alien forms
But still aspired as we
They had delight in beauty then
They were not far removed from men
In thought and imagery.

The cairns they built as monuments
To testify their strength
Stood up a million years or so
Yet by disintegration slow
Were merged with dust at length.

They did not change the universe
They only dared to try
And when their race had run its spate
And they had failed, in failure great
They had no fear to die.

They knew the dignity of death
Felt in its sternness peace
When they were wearied of all strife
An all that tumult which is life
They sought a sure release.

There is no tragedy in this
In failure no defeat
The gift of life is one to spend
And all delight has but one end:
Oblivion is sweet.

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